Team Coaching

"None of us is as smart as all of us." -Ken Blanchard

Is your leadership team effective?

To help you answer that question, thirty years of disciplined study of 120 top teams, from around the world and across multiple sectors, has resulted in some strikingly clear criteria for defining team effectiveness (Wageman, Nunes, Burruss, and Hackman, 2016):

  • The team meets or exceeds stakeholder needs.
  • The team becomes more capable over time.
  • Team members experience individual growth and satisfaction as a function of their membership on the team.

Crucially important, too, top leadership teams set the tone for the culture of the organization. Modeling for all employees and stakeholders that the organization’s vision, mission, and core values are not just something posted on a wall – but authentically lived on the playing field of daily organizational life. Otherwise put, they walk the talk.

It is a CEO or team lead’s charge to give careful thought to the why, what, and how of designing or re-launching a team – and to maintain the conditions needed to ensure its effectiveness. And, it’s the responsibility of all team members to engage in a collective approach to executive leadership of the organization.

Easier said than done.

There are multiple challenges that senior teams face in their efforts to be effective in leading a whole system, including: sharing a common commitment; maintaining authentic trust; managing the expectations of all the different system stakeholders; demonstrating conflict competence in working through both team and systemic conflict; and, being willing to hold each other accountable for accomplishing individual and collective aims.

Last but not least, is the challenge of being the "team of teams". Learning to live with multiple memberships vs. championing an allegiance to one's division, department, or functional area of responsibility.

Intentionally designing your leadership team to be effective in the face of these challenges can be overwhelming. Especially as the team is running the business while simultaneoulsy working to transform it.

A team coach can be a big boon in providing the support needed for putting you and your team on a productive path toward increasing your team’s effectiveness. Each coaching engagement is customized to address your context and needs.

Options include 1:1 coaching for the CEO or team lead interested in designing or re-launching a team; real-time team coaching; coaching to meet specific team developmental needs; and, coaching and facilitation during team retreats.

Team Assessments

A team coaching engagement might draw on a combination of interviews and a research-based team assessment(s) to gather data on current levels of team effectiveness for a CEO/team client. Combined these provide a powerful jumping off point for pinpointing desired areas for growth and development of a team.

Linda is certified to administer/coach using these cutting-edge team assessments:

  • Team Diagnostic Survey
  • The Collective Leadership 360 Assessment

Reach out to Linda to explore if team coaching is the best next step for you/your team to better meet the needs of your organization and its stakeholders.

“What distinguishes Linda is her ability to foster conversations that are both substantive and open-hearted. This is an essential quality for working with people anywhere to make change happen.”

- Sheila Hollender

Women's Health Advocate