Conflict Coaching

"The only way around is through." —Robert Frost

"We hired Linda to help improve dynamics among members of our critically important leadership team. We were very pleased with what Linda accomplished.

Linda gained members’ trust and helped develop their ability to productively manage their differences. With Linda’s encouragement and guidance, the team experienced success in pivoting away from their difficult past and toward a positive vision for their work where they could appreciate and benefit from the gifts each member brings to the team and the people we serve.

Linda is truly as she describes herself: a “trusted, energetic, knowledgeable and experienced champion” for her clients. She’s awesome."

– Executive Committee Members, Chicagoland Non-profit

Transform difficulty into opportunity.

At work and in life, our capability as human beings to maintain our balance in conflict, engage in difficult conversations, and weave together diverse perspectives isn’t just a nice add on to our interpersonal skill-set — it is core to our satisfaction and fulfillment in living, learning, and working well with others.

Conflict coaching is a powerful accelerator for people committed to:

  • Increasing leadership effectiveness
  • Improving relationships with co-workers and teams
  • Exceling in customer or client service
  • Building constructive workplace cultures
  • Enhancing problem solving skills during mediation
  • Sustaining post-mediation agreements

Many of us choose conflict avoidance as our preferred mode of dealing with upsets, differences of opinion, or when facing a difficult conversation with others. Alternatively, we use words and actions that work directly against our positive aspirations for our relationships and results.

During conflict coaching, Linda engages clients in a creative process of self-reflection, communication skill-building, and practice – each essential to transforming conflict into growth producing opportunity.

Coaching Talented Leaders with Abrasive Behaviors

If you employ a leader who is valued, but whose interpersonal behavior causes emotional stress in co-workers sufficient to disrupt organizational functioning, then coaching can help. Linda has speciality training in working with highly competent leaders whose abrasive behaviors are negatively impacting co-worker relationships and a constructive culture.

When employees experience someone with managerial authority being demeaning, demanding, overly-critical, volatile, condescending, etc., the cost to individual and organizational well-being can be dramatic. Employee turnover, absenteeism, lower motivation, loss of innovative capacity, and wasted time are just some of the ways organizational productivity and performance suffer.

Within 8 - 10 sessions, the process of coaching leaders with abrasive behaviors can produce rapid results, but it requires employer support. The aim is to help these leaders gain insight into how they can achieve their objectives without disrupting organizational functioning or their success. Linda is an Accredited Boss Whisperer (ABW) through the Boss Whispering Institute indicating an advanced level of preparation for delivering this coaching service.