Leverage experience, expertise, and effectiveness in championing change.


Exploring our point of view and its influence on how we feel, think, and act in relationship with others opens new possibilities. A guide on the side can help.


Hierarchy isn’t the problem, dominance is. To scale today’s complex challenges leaders need to be capable of bringing everyone into the conversation for change. That takes learning and practice. It’s a game-changer in achieving results.

Organizational systems are perfectly structured for the results they are getting – and so are their leaders.

A simple and unavoidable reality is that we can’t change systems without changing ourselves. Your current leadership operating system may need an upgrade to capably navigate the circumstances and demands you face today. 

That’s why Coaching and Learning & Development are essential solutions to consider. 

Individual Coaching

Being human we can get in our own way when it comes to growth. Having a committed partner as your change champion can empower clarity and traction on your most important work.

Team Coaching

Effective teams are the measure of an organization’s success – not individuals. Designing and sustaining high performing teams, where people and results thrive, is possible when you implement what works.

Conflict Coaching

Productive conflict fuels collaboration and positive change. Destructive conflict keeps us stuck, is energy consuming, and damages relationships. You can be at choice about which way it goes.

Boss Whispering

Leaders who consistently rub people the wrong way damage workplace culture. Those who ignore inappropriate conduct, do, too. If you work with someone perceived as abrasive, coaching can help.

Learning & Development

The bigger the vision, the greater the complexity, the more leaders need to grow. Effective leaders show up cultivating human potential throughout their leadership system, beginning with their own.

Better Me. Better We. Better Results.

For three decades and in a variety of roles, I’ve worked alongside purpose-driven leaders at all levels and across sectors who are committed to be the change they want to see in their organizations, communities, and the world. 

Through their continual growth and development, my clients create more effective teams, take on larger roles, bridge siloes, transform conflict into opportunity, inspire others to lead, experience more fulfillment, and transform their interpersonal capability into a superpower. 

I’m humbled to do this work – it’s an honor and I’m passionate about it. I’d love to explore being your change champion, let’s talk.

Linda has been an essential resource for our organization and a key partner to our leadership and Human Resources team.  She has conducted individual coaching, mediation, small group planning sessions, and large group training.  Linda is friendly, organized, and highly engaging – a true pleasure to work with.”

HR Director, Regional Higher Education Association

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