"Real dialogue is where two or more people becoming willing to suspend their certainty in each other's presence." —David Bohm

A path from conflict to co-created agreements for desired results.

As a trained, certified, and experienced mediator, Linda serves business, education, and non-profit organizations.

Mediation is increasingly being used as an alternative to litigation in settling a wide variety of disputes and workplace grievances. In addition to creating more lasting outcomes, mediation can help people avoid the often damaging personal and economic costs of litigation.

She specializes in the following areas:

  • Workplace - disputes or difficulties between individual employees or within and between teams 
  • Small business client/customer disputes

As a mediator, Linda's role is not to assign blame, resolve issues of right and wrong, or seek “the truth”. Instead, she works to create a safe space for the disputing parties to engage in reflection, be supported in productively communicating with each other, explore the underlying problems that gave rise to the conflict, and take responsibility for its resolution.

Agreements reached in mediation are documented and mutually signed by the parties involved.

If your dispute is outside Linda’s area of expertise, she will make every effort to help you identify resources appropriate to your needs.

“Linda helped many, many people reach agreement in mediation in a way that each party felt honored and heard. People who work with Linda quickly recognize that she is a person of integrity, honesty, and compassion.”

- Nell Coogan, Owner
Coogan Mediation