Individual Leadership Coaching

"Let him who would move the world, first move himself." —Socrates

"Before working with Linda, I was feeling very disheartened about the direction my company was going in. We were just coasting along and morale was low. I wasn't getting any fulfillment or joy out of it.

Since I started meeting with her it's been a complete change – I almost can't believe it! We are reaching goal after goal and I'm remembering what I loved about what I do in the first place! The sessions and work can be challenging, but it's so worth it!"

– Shayna Swanson, Founder and CEO, Aloft Aerial Arts, Chicago, IL

Effective leaders don't bowl alone.

In today’s cutting edge organizations, it’s less about what you know as a leader and more about how you access what others know.

Effective leaders are multipliers. They have the essential interpersonal capacities of being able to relate well to others, develop teams to work cohesively, and use every conversation as an opportunity to keep the organization’s vision and strategic focus up front and center. They are authentic about what they don’t know – leaving open the opportunity for others to contribute their unique intelligence and leadership capability to the task of scaling the organization’s challenges in getting to results. Effective leaders make visible to others the power of showing up as a continuous learner.

Every leader, even the best of them, has ineffective behaviors and communication patterns that can unintentionally limit effectiveness in leading change with and through others. We’re human. Our blind spots and self-rationalizing tendencies can make it difficult to both discover the ways in which we need to grow and intentionally engage in an improvement process. This is where coaching comes in. The support of someone who is fully committed to your success in achieving your leadership aspirations can provide essential fuel to accelerate your performance. It can also make your growth journey more fun.

Leadership Circle 360 Assessment and the Immunity to Change Map

Options available to assist a leader in defining a learning agenda include the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) and Immunity to Change Map. The LCP is a  breakthrough among 360 assessments and highlights how improvement in one or two leadership areas can greatly upgrade effectiveness in leading change. The Immunity to Change Map provides a leader with a clear visualization of what may be stalling change on an effectiveness goal  - and a positive, productive process for overcoming it.

Linda is a certified LCP Practitioner and a certified Immunity to Change Workshop Facilitator.

Each engagement begins with a conversation about your aspirations and challenges and is custom designed to address your needs.

Coaching Talented Leaders with Abrasive Behaviors

If you employ a leader who is valued, but whose interpersonal behavior causes emotional stress in co-workers sufficient to disrupt organizational functioning, then coaching can help. Linda has speciality training in working with highly competent leaders whose abrasive behaviors are negatively impacting co-worker relationships and a constructive culture. 

When employees experience someone with managerial authority being demeaning, demanding, overly-critical, volatile, condescending, etc., the cost to individual and organizational well-being can be dramatic. Employee turnover, absenteeism, lower motivation, loss of innovative capacity, and wasted time are just some of the ways organizational productivity and performance suffer. 

Within 8 - 10 sessions, the process of coaching leaders with abrasive behaviors can produce rapid results, but it requires employer support. The aim is to help leaders gain insight into how they can achieve their objectives without disrupting organizational functioning or their success.

Linda is an Accredited Boss Whisperer (ABW) through the Boss Whispering Institute indicating an advanced level of preparation for delivering this coaching service.

"My coaching conversations with Linda have been the single most transformative experience in my professional growth. Not only did those conversations help me to understand myself professionally in ways that I’d never imagined, but Linda helped me see the possibilities of working with my colleagues in ways that I also had not (yet) imagined."

– Andy, Vice-President & COO, Large-scale Non-Profit