Conflict Coaching & Mediation

Do you react or respond when in conflict?

Conflict is a normal part of our lives – a natural outgrowth of our diverse nature as human beings. Conflict is inevitable, damaging relationships is not.

Productive conflict fuels our creativity, innovation, and growth – and improves our relationships.

It's rooted in a conscious intention to stay connected as human beings, even during difficulty and disagreement.

It's prizing learning more than winning or being right.

It's being at choice about how we respond in our words and actions so as not to do damage to someone else's humanity - or our own - and bring our best self to the conversation.

Destructive conflict is debilitating – personally and professionally. It occurs when our fears and anxieties run riot with our humanity and we're driven to fight or flee to preserve ourselves. We react without conscious forethought about the wake we are leaving from our interactions and its implications for the future of our relationships.

While there is no shortcut to being at choice when in conflict, the support of a conflict specialist can accelerate your growth in that direction.

Conflict Coaching or Mediation  services are offered for individuals, groups, or teams who are mired in a difficulty or differences of opinion, and are committed to getting un-stuck and back on the path to relating productively.

Individual conflict coaching can be a valuable support in the process of mediation or as a separate skill-building opportunity for individuals who see the possibility in upgrading their conflict competence as a pathway to being more effective in their work or personal lives.

Linda is a certified mediator, skilled and experienced in providing these services. She specializes in coaching highly competent leaders and practitioners whose interpersonal behaviors and style are limiting their effectiveness in working collaboratively and powerfully with others.

“Linda is extremely intelligent and forthright and displays excellent oral and written communication skills. She is deeply committed to the field and principles of conflict resolution, but even more so to the people with whom she works. Her patience, acuity and excellent interviewing skills have been evident to me from our work together. I would recommend her extremely highly and without reservation.”

Ken Cloke Director, Center for Dispute Resolution
Co-founder, Mediators Beyond Borders