Formal mediation is conversation that occurs between two or more parties in a dispute or conflict that want to have a written agreement outlining the outcomes should they come to a successful resolution. A mediated agreement serves as a roadmap for what will happen after the mediation.

Mediation, as a conflict resolution process, is used very successfully in business, workplace, family, marital, community, education, and governmental contexts. In mediation, clients actively play a role in determining their path forward in resolving a conflict or dispute. This contrasts with being subject to the decision making of someone else, as in a court-ordered judgment.

In addition to creating more lasting outcomes, mediation can help people avoid the often damaging personal and economic costs of litigation. It is a highly effective process for helping people with disparate views identify their common ground and collaborate on a shared resolution.

At Solutions Through Dialogue, our mediation work focuses primarily on workplace and community conflict resolution, encompassing disputes between:

  • Co-workers or teams
  • School leaders and families/parents
  • Business owners/suppliers
  • Small business/client
  • Landlord/tenant

If the dispute that you are engaged in is outside of our area of expertise, we will make every effort to help you identify resources appropriate to your needs.

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