Individual Leadership Coaching

"Let him who would move the world, first move himself." —Socrates
Learning to lead effectively is a like climbing a mountain with no top – and it can be helpful to not go it alone. Our coaching is designed to serve as a support and catalyst for your ongoing journey of learning to lead effectively.

The values that drive our coaching relationships with clients are honesty, authenticity, empathy, and empowerment. It’s a part of being human to get stuck in the past – being and acting in ways that might have been useful at one point in time – but no longer reap the quantity or quality of the results we want. Whatever growth edge you find yourself at – the conversational support of a coaching relationship can provide essential fuel to accelerate your performance.

Each engagement begins with a conversation about your aspirations and challenges and is custom designed to address your needs.

An option available to assist a leader in defining his or her learning agenda is the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP). A breakthrough among 360-degree assessments, the LCP can foster a coaching conversation about the relationship between patterns of leadership action and internal assumptions that drive those behaviors. Results provided by the LCP can highlight how improvement in one or two leadership qualities can greatly upgrade the effectiveness of our conversations with others in leading change.

"My coaching conversations with Linda have been the single most transformative experience in my professional growth. Not only did those conversations help me to understand myself professionally in ways that I’d never imagined, but Linda helped me see the possibilities of working with my colleagues in ways that I also had not (yet) imagined."

– Vice-President & COO, Large-scale Non-Profit