Relationships matter. Positive change happens quickly when everyone involved in the success of an organization or enterprise engage in conversations that foster honesty, openness, excellence, collaboration – trust. Conversations rooted in compelling communication. The kind of communication that serves to strengthen relationships, increase focus on the work to be accomplished, engender a sense of caring and commitment – and motivate everyone to act in ways that are directly aligned with their collective vision of success.

Solutions Through Dialogue offers consulting and conflict resolution services that will help you expand the arteries between relationships and results – and unleash the full potential of your organization or group.

Linda Beitz has a doctorate in Education Administration from Indiana University, a Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Studies from Woodbury College, and a Practitioner Certificate in Appreciative Inquiry from Case Western Reserve’s Weatherhead School of Management. She has years of experience supporting individuals and groups in achieving the positive change they seek for themselves and their organizations.  Read more….

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