Team Coaching and Workshops

"None of us is as smart as all of us." -Ken Blanchard

Is your leadership team walking its talk?

Highly effective leadership teams consciously weave together the technical skills and functional areas of expertise of each team member and leverage their collective capability to make the whole of the organization more agile, innovative, and capable of getting to results.

Crucially important, top leadership teams set the tone for the culture of the organization. Modeling for all employees and stakeholders that the organization’s vision, mission, and core values are not just something posted on a wall – rather authentically lived on the playing field of daily organizational life. They walk the talk.

Easier said than done.

Team members need to share a common commitment, maintain authentic trust, demonstrate conflict competence, and be willing to hold each other accountable for accomplishing their individual and collective aims.

Team Coaching can help build the capacity of team members to improve in ways that matter most to the organization’s success. Our process begins with a coach helping the team to take stock of strengths, articulate shared aspirations, and speak openly about where there are breakdowns in their work together. Collecting data from organizational stakeholders can also contribute to revealing what’s needed to upgrade team effectiveness. Combined, these initial steps lay the groundwork for the team’s improvement plan and metrics for success.

Team Assessments

Linda is a certified practitioner of The Leadership Circle, The Manager's Circle and The Leadership Culture Survey, leading 360 assessments to assist in creating an individual or team’s growth agenda. Used for an entire organization, or just the senior leadership team, each assessment can yield valuable data about how people in the organization view their current leadership culture and help leaders reflect and act on their greatest levers for productive change and increased organizational results.

Workshops are customized as stand-alone or a series of team learning opportunities. Combining workshops with individual coaching or team coaching conversations is a powerful way to expand the value of the workshop and further build team leadership capacity. 

Examples of highly interactive workshops offered:

  • Shift from Reacting to Creating in Leading Change
  • Design Meetings That Matter
  • Develop an Outward Mindset for Better Relationships and Results
  • Lead by Convening – Appreciative Inquiry & Whole System Change


“What distinguishes Linda is her ability to foster conversations that are both substantive and open-hearted. This is an essential quality for working with people anywhere to make change happen.”

- Sheila Hollender

Women's Health Advocate