Team Coaching and Workshops

"None of us is as smart as all of us." -Ken Blanchard
Positive change happens when teams engage in conversations that foster honesty, possibility, excellence, accountability, and collaboration. Effective team conversations are pivotal to the success of any organization or enterprise. Locally and globally – a leader’s capability to work with and through others is essential to their effectiveness in making change happen.

We look to those people “at the top” to serve as role models in having conversations that matter. Conversations rooted in the kind of speaking and listening that serves to engender a sense of caring and commitment, strengthen relationships, increase focus on the work to be accomplished – and motivate people throughout the organization or enterprise to act like owners.

Team Coaching begins with engaging in an inquiry with our clients focused on what’s needed or wanted to enhance a team’s capability to effectively lead change.

An optional team assessment tool to assist in this inquiry is the Leadership Culture Survey (LCS). Used for an entire organization, or just the senior leadership team, the LCS can yield valuable data about how people view their current leadership culture and the optimal culture they desire. Results can be used to foster coaching conversations that lead to actionable insights for improved team performance.

Workshops are designed as a stand-alone or series of team learning opportunities on customized topics for accelerating a team’s leadership effectiveness. Combining workshops with in-between individual coaching conversations is a powerful way to deepen, expand, and sustain the value of a workshop experience.

Examples of highly interactive workshops offered:

  • Upgrade Your Conversational Competence as a Team and Organization
  • Transform Conflict into Opportunity
  • Design Meetings That Matter
  • Develop an Outward Mindset for Better Results and Customer Service 
  • Bring Everyone into the Conversation for Change - Appreciative Inquiry 

“What distinguishes Linda is her ability to foster conversations that are both substantive and open-hearted. This is an essential quality for working with people anywhere to make change happen.”

- Sheila Hollender

Women's Health Advocate