Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching supports individuals or groups “stuck” in unproductive workplace conflict who want to develop the conversational competence to transform difficulty into growth producing opportunity.

Conflict coaching is ideal for individuals or groups in an ongoing working relationship – people whose productive interdependence is essential for a thriving and constructive workplace culture.

Many of us choose conflict avoidance as our preferred mode of dealing with upsets, differences of opinion, or when facing a difficult conversation with others. When avoiding conflict is our go-to mode, it’s usually because we don’t feel confident in our capacity to navigate rough waters effectively. Our life history can also heavily influence our seeing conflict as negative or something to be avoided at all costs. In the absence of conflict competence, we may do nothing or engage in behaviors that work against our positive aspirations for the relationship or our leadership effectiveness.

In today’s marketplace – our capability to manage difficult conversations effectively isn’t just a nice add on to our conversational skill-set – it’s core to our capacity to innovate and collaborate with others. We look up to and depend on those colleagues, co-workers, and leaders who maintain grace under pressure – and who know how to reap the best out of what looks like a daunting divergence of opinion or perspective.

Like coaching in sports, conflict coaching provides the opportunity for reflection, skill building, practice, and de-briefing that is essential in transforming how we “do” conflict.

Conflict coaching can be especially useful for people who…

  • Want improved relationships with co-workers when collaborating on projects
  • Seek more leadership effectiveness in individual and team development
  • Regularly relate with people who have varying backgrounds, perspectives, values, and beliefs

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